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Leadership is born from vision and principle.

Learning refines it.

Passion ignites it.

Leadership training is part of the CBR program. It is a requisite for any type of personal or business development.

Franchise Development

"Two justifications exist for a paid worker:

(1) Generate and/or preserve revenues;

(2) free up someone to generate and/or preserve revenues."

"You don't know what you don't know."

Ignorance shields from the agony of hearing, seeing or knowing. Business is an unflagging quest for knowledge, understanding, discernment and wisdom.

Knowledge is a familiarity with facts or information, true or untrue, real or imagined.

Understanding describes a "full and profound realization of the inner nature, underlying reasons, and significance of complex matters." It separates true from false, real from imagined and sees how it all fits together.

Discernment prioritizes the more important from the less important. It pulls from understanding to define what needs doing now from what can wait.

Wisdom is the ability to use effectively what we know, understand and discern in order to arrive successfully at a desired result.

Accessing those attributes in yourself and in your system is intrinsic to CBR programs.

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