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"For those who love lists and details, I include this excerpt from Who's Who in the World. I believe a human's life is not to be measured by positions held. It must be measured by who he is and the positive influence he has on the lives of fellow human beings. Where I have been able to do that, I am grateful."

Timothy Galfas II, franchise executive, son of Timothy and Louise (Cooledge) Galfas. He married Jytte Holst Malling, June 1, 1974. They have three children: Kara Erika, Vikki Luise and Erin Kristiana.

Student: Muette Institute, Paris, France, 1958-59; French Institute of Athens, Athens, Greece, 1959-60; Columbia U., 1961.

Work History: Film Editor, Producer, Galfas Productions, NYC, 1961-1971; writer, producer, Allendale, NJ, 1977-78; Professor, Gilead College, NYC, 1967-1977. President, Delamotte-Turner International, Atlanta, 1978-1982; Director of Franchise Operations, Mighty Distributing System, Atlanta; President, Chairman of the Board, Center for Business Regeneration, Inc., Atlanta, 1991---; Chief Operating Officer, director, Total Car Franchising Corporation, Atlanta, 1991-1994; President, CEO, Chairman of the Board, Total Car Franchising Corporation, Atlanta, 1994-1998; CEO, Chairman of the Board, Colors in Europe, Inc., Norcross, 1997-98; Vice-president of Franchise Development, Philly Franchising Company, 1998-1999; President, Franchise Operations Division, Aero-Colours, Inc., Minneapolis, MN, 1999-2001; Chief Operating Officer, Isthmos, Inc., Atlanta, 2001-2002; CEO, Maximum ReCon, Inc., Atlanta, 2002--; CEO, Board of Directors, RestCon Development, Ltd., Atlanta, 2003-2005; CEO, President, Chairman of the Board, Automotive Resources International, Inc., Houston, 2005-2006; Board of Directors Mobile Waterworks, Inc., Griffin, GA,, Carworks, Inc., Griffin, GA; President, Board of Directors, Ultimate Appearance Franchising, Inc., Atlanta, 2002.

Author: Creating and Managing a Distributing System, 1990; Take a Brave New Look at Your Business, 1990; Corporate Takeovers and Assorted Love Songs, 1991; Regenerating the Franchise System, 1993; Akhenaton Waits Alone, 2000; To Touch the Leper, 2002, 2005 in Europe; Published newsletter Regenerator; author 365 radio scripts.

Awards and Memberships: Active Friends of Zoo Atlanta, 1987; Best editing of TV commercial, single and series, N. Y. Art Directors Club, 1967; Best Director, Peachtree Players, 1980, 1983; Achievement of Vision Award, Colors on Parade Franchise Advisory Council, 1995; Franchiser of the Year, Southeast Franchise Forum, Kennesaw State University, 1998; Trailblazer Award, American Association of Franchisees and Dealers, 2005; Franchiser of the Year Award, American Association of Franchisees and Dealers, 2006;

Member American Management Association, 1997-98; Southeast Franchise Forum, 1991-2002, Board of Directors, 1996-2000; International Franchise Association. 1985-2002; American Association of Franchisees and Dealers 2002-, Standards Committee and Board of Directors;

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