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He has published numerous articles, hundreds of dramatic scripts for radio, at least a dozen manuals, numerous seminar courses, brochures, advertising and marketing pieces, public relations releases, speeches and three volumes of verse. We include some currently available works here .

What Every Business
Owner Better Know

Corporate Takeovers
. . . and assorted love songs

To Touch the Leper

Akhenaton Waits Alone

What Every Business Owner Better Know

From the Chapter "Setting the Mission" : "In the first editions of this manual we showed people how to write traditional mission statements. Each one came out somewhere between the Magna Charta and the United States Bill of Rights in length and nobility. I don’t know if anybody ever remembered them. I doubt anyone ever practiced one of those proper mission statements.

Mission is what gives direction to being. It is practical, simple and motivating. If it takes more than ten words to say, it's too long.

Chapters include:

Get Over Worrying. Get on Your Business.

If I Spend Most of My Time With It, Why Do/Don't I Like It?

Mistakes and Success - Making their Marriage Work

How to Buy a $10 Paper Clip

How To Grow Broke

Softbound, $40.00 a copy including shipping and handling. Call 877-209-2431 or Fax 770-923-3929.

Corporate Takeovers and
Assorted Love Songs

From the preface: "The century that conceived two world wars also delivered the dissolution of traditional relationships, ones that sustained humanity throughout its written history. Religions have been routed from the moral values on which they were established. Divorce and resignation have crumbled families. The congenial merchant who knew our names has been transformed into a uniformly smiling, indifferent franchised face in a million places.

"Employers who once furnished lifetime employment can no longer assure their own continuity. Takeovers, mergers, bankruptcies and abrupt market changes have made layoffs a way of life and financial insecurity part of civilization.

"Yet a powerful vitality resides in us humans. We still readily understand the hunger for love, adventure, hope, security, faith, creativity and individuality expressed alike by Egyptian scribe and Chinese love poet since writing began.

"In an age that studies everything to suffocation, has detail obscured from us, the human race, the great truths about ourselves?

"Corporate Takeovers . . . and assorted love songs is the modest record of one person's odyssey through this present world.

"All people share longings and ambitions. That which lacks is often the courage to follow one's heart to the adventure it may create.

"This book is about such dreams. I write here only an introduction to what follows. I don't want to take away from these leaves of a heart.

"The verse has its own voice."


"I have lived the aftermath of greed
Among the emptied offices,
The ones once filled with friends
Before the strangers came into our house
and cleared them out. "

"Longview, Texas Holiday Inn Restaurant

Another night away from home,
The restaurant's dark.
And I'm alone
Here ---

(Do I have a friend?)"

"My thought is of home
In the offices and backrooms, the warehouses - all the different, same places
Where I work.

And trouble's face, for me, is a solitary face
With many eyes
And every eye a separate story,

But they are one."

When the party is over and everyone is gone
Except for you and me, both tired and happy,
You drooped out on the sofa, I slouching in an armchair,
Looking at each other, with a drop of liquor in our brains,
And great loads of warmth in our blood and breasts,
Smiling with contentment at the contrast of the quiet
With the earlier hour's noise,
Not touching even hands and knowing all the same . . .

When the party's over and for us
Its last few minutes linger still,
Hanging silent in the early morning dark,

Hanging, hanging --- we know they'll end,
And we'll have to clean up broken spells
Among the empty dishes

Soft cover, 122 pages, available at $16.50 including shipping and handling. Call 877-209-2431 or fax 770-923-0873.

To Touch the Leper

From the Preface: "We humans designate lepers for ourselves. We exclude people from our fellowship long after the exclusion's purpose has lost its significance. We do it privately. We do it in communities.

"With well-intended and better explained rules, we create the outcasts and pariahs. We give them no chance to make good for whatever real or imagined reason we concoct to divide them off. Sometimes we make ourselves the lepers with unrestrained feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem."

Selections from the work:

"When despotism campaigned west"

"I'll have no shackles on my soul,
No man my God will be.
And though I perish for my thought,
My mind will still be free."

"Men who live in prison cells"

"But I am one who’s seen the sky,
And set my eyes on stars,
And shed like weights my will to die
And passed beyond the bars.

Thus, blessed and cursed, aflight, above both best and worst,
I’ll seek the sun for warmth and light
And fight for life as it is life against the dark of night.

And I’ll remember as I’m free
The chorus that is haunting me:

Men who live in prison cells must never see the sky:
To glimpse the vault of heaven
Will steal their will to die."

Available through:
Gramma Books,
Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Akhenaton Waits Alone

In a series of poems, the book tracks the timeless and revolutionary love story of an Egyptian Pharaoh for his queen Nefertiti and for the ideals that she engendered in him.

From the Preface: "However much we may strive to suppress or destroy it with passing years, we do have inborn a craving for ideals greater than ourselves. By the pursuit of such ideals we ennoble those fugitive spans of time into which we crowd our lives.

I am further convinced that it is perfectly all right to feel the declarations expressed in these few poems, to be human, to love without reservation or condition and to wait with hope, if that is the condition of such all encompassing affection, a higher ideal than the life we know now can sustain."

From the book:

"A tower in the moonlit palace ruins,
Sandstone statue holding windblown sand at bay,
He scrutinizes shadows
To see if she is there.
Akhenaton waits for Nefertiti
In centuries that are but time and air. "

"You are the melody
To all my songs,
The light to all my days,
The tone that comforts
And the word that heals
And the part of me
Cut from my soul at birth
Rejoined across unspeakable distances
In the sunlight and the shadows of our lives."

Soft cover: Available for $11.50 including shipping and handling. Call 877-209-2431

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