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A CBR Program for the
1 to 250 unit Franchise System

Hundreds of franchise systems have stalled out, retrogressed or launched and remained undeservedly microscopic for three years or more.

We make excuses: "The market has changed.""The pool of franchisees has dried up." "We've run out of money." "The franchisees don't appreciate what we do for them." "The franchisor doesn't appreciate what we do.""Regulations and lawyers are killing us.""I can't grow the system is all I do is deal with problems." [We sometimes hear: "We have chosen to remain small..We prefer quality people to want to quantity." It is a dynamic of franchising that the franchisor must have a certain number of units producing at a certain level to be able to furnish the services required by the contract and by simple ethical behavior. Franchisors have an obligation to attain that level.]

Ground zero for stalling out, retrogressing or remaining small finds itself located wherever the CEO sits.

Frequently the President, Chief Executive Officer and Founder are the same person. Passionate and expert in the business of their franchisees, these visionaries have never prepared to be what they now have to be: the caretakers and nurturers of their franchisees.

Rent-a-CEO gives CEOs a chance to work with a "shadow self" who has survived the often tribulation laden triumphs, self doubts and searches for answers. Unless you own the company, the mortality rate of CEOs remains disturbingly high. And if you do own the company the toll on family and health can damage until you learn to get past where you are. We know that you don't have to experience to become experienced.

To keep yourself renewed and preserve the freshness of the company's vision, to instill ongoing responsible excitement in a franchise system often demands a friendly, understanding, trustworthy ear from the outside. It helps to have someone who has been there, done that and can keep a confidentiality.

Rent-a-CEO allows a system to make use of an experienced CEO in support. His services can be on retainer, on a daily or hourly basis, on or off site. Rent-a-CEO brings in the services of someone perhaps otherwise unaffordable to assist in dealing with the issues of stalling out, retrogressing or tininess.

The underlying purpose of our company is to help others succeed. The Rent-a-CEO program is a powerful tool to accomplish that for franchisor, management and franchisees.

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