Internationally Recognized as an
Outstanding Seminar Leader: Timothy Galfas II


Franchise Developer

Turnaround Manager

Speaker & Seminar Leader

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Dynamic Speaker &
Seminar Leader

The Public Likes Him

“You have a vision that is special . . . you always cared about everyone.” -
P. G., Florida

“You presented us with the means to run our thriving business and keep a sense of humor at the same time.” - N.S., South Carolina

“His demeanor and presence tell those listening there is something important being said.” - L.H., Georgia

“You helped those like me to develop a different mind set. You’re a great teacher and leader.” - T.L., Alabama

“Timothy seems to have the compassion and desire to be looking into the best interests of people first.” - J.D., Florida

“His wealth of knowledge of life and business make him an excellent lecturer.” - D.B., Pennsylvania

“He has helped me build and maintain my business. He has the ability to help you understand the information and apply it to your circumstances.” -
J.C., Maryland

“Tim has a special ability to communicate and get individuals to work toward a common purpose . . . I have seldom seen anyone speak with as much passion and belief.” -
D.W., California

“I enjoy your ability to motivate people to pay attention . . . And then take it home with them and put it to work.” - B.B., Wisconsin

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“Galfas has always delivered on his promises to us.” - G.B., Alabama

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